Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disappointment and Redirection

So here's the deal (aka-harsh reality) I've been working a lot, struggling to make even the bare minimum of workouts, having tons of fun on my mountain bike, swimming, running, but just not feeling like I could get it all in. REDMAN 70.3 for my birthday started to feel like something I wanted to say I did but not really do. Is that weird? Long story short, I decided not to do it. I decided if I like trails so much then DUH...I should race more trails!! So here I go...
I survived my first Xterra! IT. WAS. HARD. But I totally loved it! So out I go to the trails to train for some more when...
BAM!!!! I decided to fly over my handle bars and put all my weight and speed into my left wrist. Guess what? That was a bad idea!
Not my best pic...
But as you can see I am wearing a brace. 
So... (thank goodness no bones are broken) I am letting my tendons and ligaments recover from the trauma. 
No swimming ... SUCK! Especially after the epic 5k fail...
No biking ... BLOWS! I had just gotten clips...
Whole 30 - atleast I finished that!!! So, I decided to take a break and go visit an old friend in Houston ... AWESOMENESS!!
One of my favorite places, Moody Gardens in Galveston, always reminds me how much I love exploring nature with my kids!
Rainforest Rocks!
No words needed here!
This place is so cool! And I was almost able to completely ignore the fact that 
Corey *may have made fun of me for not being able to swim, ride, or run for the whole weekend LOL but it was a nice break!
Now I'm back, followed up w ortho and he said 4 more weeks in the brace... WTH?!?! four more weeks puts me past my birthday... Hmmmm... Maybe just three weeks in the brace? 😮 
Now I'm trying to once again "recalculate" as Siri would say when I steer off course.
Good news tho, since all I can do is run, I'm actually getting a little faster! Maybe my Snowdrop Ulltra at the end of the year is going to benefit from all of the disappointments I am enduring this season. 
Ever have an entire YEAR that doesn't go as planned?!?!
Weather, injury, finances...you name it, it's happening this year to me!



Mostly by my husband, and all the awesome ladies in my life that keep me looking on the positive side. They are always there no matter what I need: drinks, a run, a weekend away, oils! LOL You name it. I am so blessed!
DK's pick me up dinner!
The disappointment starts to fade when I look at it from what I *have done and not what I haven't!
Bring on the birthday...no matter what I decided to do...

#dontbeapussy #trynewshit

Friday, April 25, 2014

Try new things...

So...in light of my recent disappointment, and after an appropriate amount of sulking. I got to thinking about this "new day". What do I want it to look like? How do I want it to feel? What will my focus be AND how am I going to get there?  Redman Half Triathalon...BOOM! And just like that...It's on the list!
Channeling my inner Marci w some WGGS
That's what's next to train for minus a leisurely 10k swim just for kicks on Jul 31st! haha! Lorinda has yet again talked me into some crazy adventure!  So...I've got one week left before I start serious training...

It's about to get real!
Step one- thank Lorinda for my badass tune-up!!! Step two- buy more Hoo-ha Ride Glide!!!
Also, there will be more of this...
Yes...I wear my goggles everywhere!
I know your shocked and wondering how can she do any more of that?!?!?! LOL but I'm not talking about just swimming. I'm talking about meeting new people and old friends to workout together and be silly; I want it to be fun. Why the hell would I work out so hard if not to enjoy my health and laugh with friends. So as you can see, the one that got away...has actually made me stronger! To new days! To trying new things! To sharing life with friends! I will no longer be afraid to push myself, to dream big! And let me tell you why...
Drills are funner with friends!
The day of this picture I decided to ride my bike to the nat. Just for kicks, see how far it was and make it my firstbrick of  the season. Lanes were sooooooo full we had to share. Turns out...we know this lady!!! Had never met in person, but she's in my running club. AWESOMESAUCE! We had a hysterical time doing drills and laughing at each other talking about races and most of all encouraging each other. As I started to leave she said, "DK, I just wanted to tell you how encouraging I think you are..." Oh crap! Here come the water works, of course I started to cry! "No, really" she said "your post about your swim literally moved me to tears". Wow...I was speechless. And at that very moment I got a small glimmer of why God allows failure and disappointment. 
It was at that moment that I decided I will ALWAYS TRY and I will HAVE FUN doing it. Whatever it is! I am committed to the "new day" and making the best of it no matter what comes. 
Let the games begin...
I was on a seriously workout junkie high this day and told Alicia I would LOVE to go run w her later that evening. Hey...my first tri of the season. Never mind I did it in the wrong order, and my transition times sucked LOL ! I met her at 7pm for literally one of the best "feel good" runs I had had in a long time. We laughed so hard I almost peed. I talked her in to running by our friend Catherine's house and texting her a pic!! Because she's in a boot right now and it would totally torture her to see us out running BWAHahahaha yea...we're like the most awesome friends ever!!! IT WAS FREAKIN HYSTERICAL!!!...to us teehee
So there's my day...my new day...my new 'tude to move forward! I am trying new things and being silly and NOT scared to try stuff!
Dillo catchin' ain't no joke!
Which is exactly how this happened! And how I've come to embrace my new motto:


It's not a motto for everyone...but it works for me!
Love, DkTurtles

Monday, April 14, 2014

The one that got away...

I have been waiting for this race for literally over a year. Last year I did not have a qualifying event to get me in; however I did have an amazing bunch of friends that got me through my own personal 5K OWS! 

So I knew I could do the distance, I swam several other events that gave me times to enter, and I waited...and trained...and trained...and waited...finally the day was here!!! And actually the weather wasn't that much different than my first time, or so I thought...

I even was lucky enough to find another person who loved swimming as much as me! Thanks Lorinda for all the early training days. 

Seriously...a LOT of early training days!
Normal nerves the day/night before, and looking back probably not the best idea to have my first 18mi tandem ride AND a 10k night time trail race the day before, but hey? last year I did a 2/9/2 Duathlon the day before and was fine so what the hell! 
For the record my son and I had an amazing ride!

And El Chupacabra was so fun; will do it again next year for sure!

Thirty minutes before the race, believe it or not I was remarkably calm. And the baby duckies looked calm...so what could possibly go wrong?!?!

I was the first one in the water because I knew it would take time to acclimate my body. I had opted for the NO-WETSUIT division for several reasons, including the official temp of 68.3 being given by the director and knowing that I have a tendency to overheat. I got in, got the worst part over: shocking face, and getting hands wet. I listened to the race director's speech, gave Lorinda a hug, and then maneuvered for my spot. 

In a tread start I always like to line up w my land mark AND let the sprinters get in front of me. The horn went off...I started my watch (cuz...you know)...and off I went! I felt great, the water was comfortable, the waves weren't too bad, I had a couple of women that were making me crazy because they weren't swimming straight, but dealing with it.  Lined my self up with the shore and settled in for a nice long swim. About 25 minutes in something weird happened, I looked up and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where I was! I could not find a kayak, or a buoy, a recognized land mass...nothing!!! It was scary. I started to tread and spin around looking for my marks...When I finally found them I thought to myself "well...that was weird"!  I put my head back in the water and started swimming again.  Again...again...again...it kept happening to me, and now my right ear felt weird. I was swimming in circles and couldn't tell up from down...AAAGGHH WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I was so pissed off! The boat finally came up and asked if I was ok, if I was too cold? I told him I didn't feel cold but was a little disoriented, and he pointed me toward the right buoy. Two more time this happened before I was just so pissed and so far behind I opted out. Knowing I'd never make the first lap time cut and wondering why I couldn't put my head in the water without getting lost, I reluctantly crawled into the boat...very very angry turtle!
I have honestly never felt so humiliated...no shame in being safe...no shame in failing...BULLSHIT! I was freaking pissed off. I trained. I was ready. Lots of other people were out there swimming. I'm a fucking swimmer!!!! (Sorry for the language but this is really what was in my head) Probably a really good thing that nobody I knew was on that shoreline!
It was a looooong walk to the van and I knew I needed to call my husband. Of course, as soon as I did all of my anger turned into overwhelming disappointment and grief, the truth...I was sad! I don't know how my husband understood one thing I was saying as I was bawling and babbling on the phone with him. He said "I'm glad you are safe. I think you're nuts for trying that anyway! I love you...now call Alicia! and post updates on Lorinda because I'm sure it must be crazy there if you got out!" Does he know me or what?

So I called this lady...the nutso that cheers for me when I can not cheer for myself and cried and babbled to her! I know it wasn't my day, I know we all have struggles, I know it's better to be safe and alive and smart...but it still sucks!!!
Fortunately for me I had a powerful distraction---my new friend Lorinda was still out there!!! HOLY Crap Lorinda is still out there and the weather had gotten a lot worse:

I told Alicia I needed to get off the phone and could she please pray the weather holds off. I went back out to sit in the rain and wait and pray for Lorinda. She was doing great, she made the turn right at an hour, but visibility was not good. She didn't know but the director was on phone with lake/weather guys deciding what to do! YIKES!! 

God cleared it up! I know it was Him. And I had the super fun opportunity to send updates, and pics, and even make an awesome video of Lorinda finishing her first 5K OWS!!! FREAKIN AMAZEBALLS!!
So in hindsight...although for me this was the one that got away...I was fortunate enough to experience true friendship, being there for someone else! Congratulations Lorinda! And a huge big mongo thank you to all my friends that called, text, face booked, and sent me virtual hugs when I was down! 

Yuri Cook- thank you for being best kayak support ever!
Alicia-not even sure how you understood one word I was saying; I love you!
Catherine-you always have the rock solid truth I need to hear; and say it with love and humor. I love you!!!
Jolene and Fiona- always have the calming encouraging words I need exactly when I need them! So blesses to have you as friends. 
Greg-I don't think you realize how much your coaching means to so many!
Shannon and Heidi- two of the strongest women I know, thank you so much for helping me pick my head back up!
Erin-forever you will be stuck in my heart! Thanks for letting me say all the ridiculously inappropriate things I need to say and then laughing with me!
Teri-I'm still waiting on my taffy!
Nichole and Liz- thank you for helping me get right back in there...I love you girls!

So many other ladies have encouraged and sent virtual hugs. I needed them ALL! I am so blessed to have such good friends!

So to the one that got away...Suck it!
I live for the new day! 

LOVE, DkTurtles!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Started...

I laugh at my self a LOT...and some people think I'm crazy! Truth is they're right. I am crazy!

Crazy for turtles, crazy for cupcakes, crazy for running, super crazy about swimming, and so much more. In fact...I LOVE being crazy. Crazy is my drug of choice and keeps me healthy. It also helps me be courageous enough to share my passion for families, my love of Jesus, and my desires for health with the world.

In the day of "take a pill" for everything, I much prefer to "work it out"!  It's not a perfect solution and it doesn't cure everything, BUT...I will tell you a secret: My life has changed completely by doing just one thing...moving my body!

I always heard, it just takes one step, or just get started. Honestly, that was way too hard with my self. My self used to be my worst enemy. So here's what I did. I told my self to shut the hell up while I went out to find a new self! A new wife, a new mom, a new me...I knew I would be happier if I could just get started. So first thing I did was surround my empty self with a group of women that I admired, a group of women that were not perfect...but that had some things I wanted: energy and kindness.

Energy I wanted to spend on my family.  Kindness I needed to help me change! Living life, laughing, and celebrating the things that I could do, made me want to do more and more.  Being in a community with strong ladies that believe in you even when you can't see it in yourself is nothing short of a blessing!
So these are my tales...of moving! and running! and biking! and swimming! And with God's help I am hopeful that I will never forget where I came from on my daily adventures to encourage others to also find their new self!